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Country: USA
Label: Relapse Records

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Formed in: 2009

2009-Blackened doom metal


2009-  Ronald "Maxamillion" Avila - drums
2009-  Lenny Smith - vocals
2016-  Joshua Dark - guitar
2016-  Timothy Haskins - bass
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2009-2012  Nick Mullins - bass
2009-2016  Brooks Blackhawk - guitars
2012-2013  Damon Kelly - bass
2012-2013  Garek Jon Druss - keyboards
2013-2016  Joe Wickstrom - bass
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2012  Jessica Way - vocals

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Within the realm of blackened doom, less really does seem to be more often times. Surprisingly limited in its scope, even after pioneers such as Dolorian and Katatonia burst onto the scene in the 90s, this style nonetheless has always felt like one where quality > quantity, and its small amount of practitioners always appear to be dealing out blows at a considerably high end of the spectrum. Relatively new on the scene are the Americans of Atriarch, and they're proving this idea true yet again with their third album, quite possibly the peak of their career.
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If you happened to stumble upon my review of Evoken's Atra Mors and the ridiculous (yet amusing) genre debate that it spawned, perhaps you saw, then, someone note that in the category of metal crossovers, the genre on the right of the stylistic label...
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