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2011-  Joel Williams - bass, vocals
2011-  Johnny Lovingood - guitars
2011-  Justin Cory - guitars, vocals
2011-  Zeke Rogers - drums

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Six years have now passed since Usnea presented us with their dark doomy, atmospheric Portals Into Futility. Now, will Bathed In Light follow the same route, or have those 6 years awoken any surprises? Whatever the case, you can expect something exceedingly heavy.
Review by AndyMetalFreak ››
With 21 categories and 10 nominees per category for our annual Metal Storm Awards, it's inevitable that some albums are going to go unnoticed. One that may have missed your glance in this past edition was Usnea's self titled debut, a powerhouse of pounding doom, a dynamic black metal touch, and ensnaring atmosphere. Not even two years later, these Americans are back at it yet again, looking to solidify and expand upon their sound, an effort at which they certainly succeed with Random Cosmic Violence.
Review by Auntie Sahar ››

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