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The Ruins Of Beverast

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Country: Germany
Label: Ván Records

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Formed in: 2003

2003- Black metal
2009- Doom metal
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2003-  Alexander von Meilenwald - all instruments, vocals
2013-  G.ST - bass
2013-  Michael Zech - guitars
2013-  Job Bos - keyboards
2013-  Helvegr - drums

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The Ruins Of Beverast is a project that always found new and exciting ways to blend black and doom metal. This time around, they add some Type O Negative, Drown and Jesu to the mix.   Review by RaduP ››
I am not going to hide my bias. Alexander Von Meilenwald is a crafter of some of the finest blackened doom metal on the planet, and I am most definitely a fanboy for The Ruins Of Beverast. Having been somewhat disappointed, however, with the project's previous Blood Vaults effort, I went into 2017's Exuvia with some pretty high hopes of the music redeeming itself. And by the grace of Nyarlathotep, those hopes have been met.   Review by Apothecary ››

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