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Country: The Netherlands
Label: Metal Blade Records

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Formed in: 1995

1995-2003Gothic metal
2004-Symphonic rock
2004-Symphonic metal


2001-  Jan Grijpstra - drums
2002-  Jens van der Valk - guitar, backing vocals
2004-  Mats van der Valk - guitar, backing vocals
2006-  Jan Munnik - keyboards
2006-  Jerome Vrielink - bass
2008-  Marjan Welman - vocals
2018-  Ronald Alexander Landa - guitars
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1995-2001  Hilbrand van der Woude - drums
1995-2001  Bert Ferwerda - guitar
1995-2006  Meindert Sterk - bass
1996-1999  Welmoed Veersma - vocals
1996-2005  Menno Terpstra - keyboard
1999-2001  Jeroen Bakker - rhythm guitar
1999-2008  Nienke de Jong - vocals
2001-2004  Jasper Koenders - rhythm guitar, flute
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2005  Syb van der Ploeg - background vocals

Latest reviews

Having a girl in your band in the hard-rock/metal world is a strange thing. While it's stopped being groundbreaking ages ago, most record promo sheets try and speak otherwise. It's actually become sort of self-defeating, I mean, much of this promotion uses euphemistic language to basically say "Look! This band has a chick, but that doesn't matter, because she can rock out like the boys can!" A bit hypocritical isn't it? Constantly reminding us of the presence of a female, yet trying to convince us that the quality is the same (or better) despite this. Well, oddly enough, Autumn has to be one of the first female-fronted bands I've reviewed that doesn't use a female front-(wo)man as a marketing point, yet her voice is the most conducive part of this album.
Review by Doc G. ››
Holland, the Mecca for Female fronted Gothic Metal, the golden land for beautiful music and beautiful women.
I also dear to say that there is no country that's even close to Holland when it comes to Gothic, at least not female fronted Gothic.
Review by Malcolm ››
Autumn is no more?

I got terrible news to all of you, Autumn already split-up, and they only got to release 3 full-lengths and 1 Demo, so if you're planning to become a fan of the band, bear in mind that the chances that you're going to hear...
Review by Undercraft ››

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