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Band: Autumn

Autumn is no more…

I got terrible news to all of you, Autumn already split-up, and they only got to release 3 full-lengths and 1 Demo, so if you're planning to become a fan of the band, bear in mind that the chances that you're going to hear new material from them are quite scarce. What I'm holding in my hands is the re-release of their second album, entitled "Black Wings", or if you prefer, "Chernije Krilja", the title in Russian.

I must say that the guys at Stygian Crypt production did a marvelous work re-releasing this, the artwork and graphic layout is amazing, truly a work of art.
Musically, Autumn plays melancholic Doom metal, almost entirely sung in their natal language, Russian. While many people may find this an inconvenience, I found quite courageous to sing in your natal language, sure, you're going to reach a lot less people, but there's always cool to hear music in other languages, even if you don't understand nothing.

The album has its ups and downs, while musically the band does a terrific work creating melancholic atmospheres, the vocalist sometimes gets into my nerves, his voice goes put of range sometimes instead of keeping a gloomy pace, and even gets raspy, thing that doesn't help either.

Besides that minor inconvenience, this album is quite enjoyable, the Russian lyrics, the atmospheres, the musicianship and the artwork makes of this release a worthy buy for any respectable Doom Metal fan.

Written by Undercraft | 16.12.2005

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