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2007-  Patryk Budzowski - drums
2007-  Damian Dudek - keyboards
2007-  Michał Dziedzic - guitars, programming, vocals
2014-  Jakub "Kuba" Cołta - guitars
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2007-2014  Michał Duda - guitars
2007-2018  Marek Ceńkar - bass, vocals
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Entropia have been a bold musical force pretty much from the outset, and that’s only become more and more the case with each passing album. After an incredibly ambitious effort 5 years ago in the form of Vacuum, the Poles continue to defy genre and expectation with Total.
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Despite how it may appear, that is not Hercules taking a selfie flexing in a mirror with the Nemean lion's skin. No, this is instead one of the most psychedelic post-metal albums you'll hear this year.
Review by RaduP ››

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