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Arctic Sleep

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NA-  Emily Jancetic - vocals
NA-  John Gleisner - drums
2005-  Keith D - guitars, vocals, cello, drums, bass
2005-  Mike Gussis - guitars

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Passage of Gaia, the last release from Arctic Sleep, was an intriguing effort: an entrancing mesh of warmth and melancholy, derived from the smooth yet somewhat aching vocals and the grandiose, pensive instrumentation. Five years on, Arctic Sleep have successfully crowdfunded its successor and their seventh full-length album to date, Kindred Spirits.   Review by musclassia ››
Encountering the influence of post-rock within the confines of doom metal isn't a commonality, as the prevalence of generic tendencies that seem so entrenched in doom would make such claims seem superficial and false. As the title indicates, Passage Of Gaia possesses a lush and vibrant individuality of sound that unusually projects the general despondency of a genre in a palpably fresh way. Original life and inspiration springs here.   Review by R'Vannith ››

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