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2003-  John Dyer Baizley - guitars, vocals
2013-  Nick Jost - bass
2013-  Sebastian Thomson - drums
2017-  Gina Gleason - guitars
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2003-2005  Tim Loose - guitars
2003-2012  Summer Welch - bass
2003-2013  Allen Blickle - drums
2005-2008  Brian Blickle - guitars
2008-2017  Peter Adams - guitars
2012-2013  Matt Maggioni - bass
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Attention for this new Baroness album has unsurprisingly been directed towards the band’s departure from using colours as album titles; however, the artwork for Stone, which features every colour that’s appeared on a Baroness cover, indicates that this new release, while perhaps breaking new ground, also recalls the various phases of the band’s career to date.
Review by musclassia ››
Here's a band that has picked up a notable amount of steam over the past few years; Red Album was generally received warmly, building up perfectly to the staggering amounts of praise for Blue Record. The pressure is on. How do they live up to it? By throwing us a goddamn curve-ball, is what.
Review by Doc G. ››
I picked up the new Baroness, Blue Record on a lunch break genuinely wanting to like it. I had heard enough intriguing hype from MS and other sources to encourage me to buy it - and as with every album I plunk potential beer money down on, I want to enjoy...
Review by BitterCOld ››

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