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Country: USA
Label: Season Of Mist

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Formed in: 2001
Hiatus: 2016-

2001-Sludge metal
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2001-  Phillip Cope - guitars, vocals
2001-  Laura Pleasants - guitars, vocals
2006-  Carl McGinley - drums, noise
2008-2010  Eric Hernandez - drums
› 2012-2013  -//- bass
› 2013-  -//- drums
2013-  Chase Rudeseal - bass
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2001  Brian Duke - bass
2001-2002  Christian Depken - drums
2002-2005  Brandon Baltzley - drums
2002-2012  Corey Barhorst - bass
2006-2007  Jeff Porter - drums
2010-2013  Tyler Newberry - drums
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2008  Javier Villegas - bass
2007  Tyler Newberry - drums
2008  Javier Villegas - bass
2008  Eric Hernandez - drums
2013-2014  Edley O'Dowd - drums
2015  John Edwards (II) - drums

Latest reviews

Kylesa seems to have pretty much abandoned their early intensity for a more "fly casual" approach here that is pretty light on the metal. While Spiral Shadow mellowed some from prior efforts and launched their new direction, there was enough of a marriage between visceral and trippy that it remains my favorite. No longer. This is much closer to some psychedelic rock with some sludge-y riffs occasionally tossed in. Frankly Exhausting Fire sounds a lot like the band are, well, exhausted.
Review by BitterCOld ››
Totally Groovy maaaaaaaaan.

That pretty much sums up Kylesa's Ultraviolet. In a world of generic and boring sludge bands that rely on the same rolling and rolling riffs that are overused again and again, Kylesa manages to do something totally off...
Review by Boxcar Willy ››
"We wanted this to be a 'headphone' album" - explains Laura Pleasants on the "making of? " DVD. The album was to also be about distance - distance in terms of the time and miles with the band, as well as distancing themselves...
Review by BitterCOld ››

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