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Bison B.C.

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Also known as Bison, Bison BC

Country: Canada
Label: Pelagic Records

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Formed in: 2006

2006-Sludge metal


2006-  James "Gnarwell" Farwell - guitars, vocals
2006-  Dan And - guitars, vocals
2011-  Matt Wood - drums
2015-  Shane Clark - bass
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2006-2011  Brad Mackinnon - drums
2006-2015  Masa Anzai - bass
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2008-  Jamie Hooper - vocals

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Canadian sludge stars Bison B.C. released a record in early 2010 called Dark Ages. This marked a special moment in my life, as it was the album that really got me into sludge metal. After being a casual listener of sludge for years, Dark Ages welcomed me in to the gritty and dirty fold of the genre; it stayed my gold standard for a long time after. Two and a half years later the band returns with Lovelessness and they couldn't have picked a more fitting title.
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