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2014-  Christian Larsson - guitars, vocals
2014-  Kristoffer Bruhn - bass, vocals
2014-  Anders Persson - guitars, vocals
2015-  Samuel Envik - drums
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2014-NA  Mikael Sällström - guitars
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The Rift … is a hexalogy of songs inspired by humanity in its worst and purest form, a meditation through cruelty … an attempt to pursue the meaning of it all and foreshadow our demise through it.” With a description like that, you’ll be amazed to find out that this album is bleak and miserable.
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2017's Grimen was one of the finest post-metal debuts of recent years. Two years on, and whilst Gloson haven't produced a sophomore full-length yet, they've now treated us to an abridged display of what they've been up to since.
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