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1992-  Jesper Tilsted - guitar
1992-  Jesper Kvist - bass
1992-  Morten Toft Hansen - drums
1994-  Lars Christensen - guitar
2001-  Jeppe Christensen - keyboards, vocals
2013-  Michael "Mike" Semesky - vocals
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1994-2004  Lars Vognstrup - vocals
2004-2013  Kasper Thomsen - vocals
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Latest reviews

Don't run away please. Despite the punk-sounding band name and the angry teen album title, Raunchy have nothing to do with either mellow punk bands or angry teens. They actually play this very rare (insert sarcasm) genre known as Gothenburg Metal....   Review by Deadsoulman ››
The way to describe Raunchy is: talented musicians, good music and godawful lyrics.

Lets start from the beginning: yes, the band members are truly talented. Their style is a somewhat more melodic and accessible variation of melodic death metal. At times...   Review by jupitreas ››

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