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Country: Switzerland
Label: Listenable Records

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Formed in: 2003
Disbanded in: 2013

2003-2013Groove thrash metal
2003-2013Industrial metal


2001-2013  Thomas Betrisey - guitars, electronics
2003-2013  Benjamin Zürcher - vocals
2003-2013  Kevin Choiral - drums
2011-2013  Ales Campanelli - bass
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2003-2006  Alex Anxionna - drums
2003-2009  Luis "Burn" - bass
2009-2011  Stéphane Grand - bass
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2007  Dirk Verbeuren - drums
2009  Rhys Fulber - synths
2009  Alexandre Deschaumes - guitar

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For all intents and purposes, Sybreed is a Swiss Fear Factory ie. cyber groove metal but with the particular Swiss flavor of terribly pronounced English lyrics. The Pulse Of Awakening even also features a faithful Killing Joke cover.

Luckily, the vocalist's...
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