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Temple Of Void

31 fans
Country: USA
Label: Relapse Records

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Formed in: 2013

2013- Death doom metal
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2013-  Brent Satterly - bass
2013-  Jason Pearce - drums
2013-  Alex Awn - guitars
2013-  Michael Erdody - vocals
2017-  Donn Durr - guitars
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2013-2017  Eric Blanchard - guitars
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2014  Omar Jon Ajluni - organ

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If you have good taste in music, it is difficult to make bad music yourself. And in the promo pictures for their latest album, The World That Was, Temple Of Void members are sporting t-shirts with logos of Gorguts, Morbid Angel, Killing Joke, Amorphis, and Fell Ruin. Not bad, lads. Not bad at all.   Review by nikarg ››

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