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Jeffery "Jeff" Louis Martin


1985- Racer X - vocals (as Jeff Martin)  
2000 UFO - drums (as Jeff Martin)  
2001 Michael Schenker Group - drums (as Jeff Martin)  
2004 Leatherwolf - vocals, guitar (as Jeff Martin)  
2006 Michael Schenker Group - drums (as Jeff Martin)  

Studio musician

1998 Paul Gilbert - drums (as Jeff Martin)  
2000 Paul Gilbert - drums, percussion, vocals (as Jeff Martin)  
2001 Paul Gilbert - bongos, vocals (as Jeff Martin)  

Live musician

2008 Dokken - drums, backing vocals (as Jeff Martin)  

Guest musician

2004 Genius: A Rock Opera - vocals (as Jeff Martin)  
2005 Frost (USA) - vocals (as Jeff Martin)  
2015 Empires Of Eden - vocals (as Jeff Martin)  

Personal information

Born on: 09.11.1957

Jeff Martin is a singer and drummer who has sung for the bands Surgical Steel and Racer X, and played drums for the bands Badlands, Blindside Blues Band, RedSea, Paul Gilbert and Michael Schenker. Reportedly, he briefly played drums in Surgical Steel before switching to lead vocals.

Jeff Martin released a 2006 solo album entitled The Fool, featuring the guitar talents of Paul Gilbert and Michael Schenker.

He has also sung backing vocals for Judas Priest and The Scream.