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Mikko Sirén


2005- Apocalyptica - drums  
2013- Emigrate - drums  

Studio musician

2009 Elias Viljanen - drums  

Live musician

2003-2005 Apocalyptica - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 31.12.1975

Drummer Mikko Siren is well known for his multi-talented musicianship, and has played with many bands in Finland, including the respected UltraBra, Kengurumeininki, Lapping Tongue and Syvä Sininen.

Before Apocalyptica Mikko played in Megaphone and supported Apocalyptica since 2003.
Since 2006 Mikko Siren is official member of Apocalyptica.

He has 4 earrings in his left and one in his right ear.