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Mark Robert Boals


1986 Yngwie Malmsteen - vocals  
1996 Yngwie Malmsteen - vocals  
1998- Mark Boals - vocals, bass  
1999-2001 Yngwie Malmsteen - vocals  
2000-2004 Ring Of Fire - vocals  
2007- The Codex - vocals  
2007-2011 Royal Hunt - vocals  
2009- Seven The Hardway - vocals  
2010-2011 Holy Force - vocals  
2011- Lyraka - vocals  
2011-2014 Iron Mask - lead vocals  
2013- Dramatica - vocals  
2013- Byron Nemeth Group - vocals  
2013- Ring Of Fire - vocals  
2014- Forces United - vocals  
2014-2016 Labyrinth - vocals  
2014-2017 Dokken - bass  
2015- Vindictiv - vocals  
2020- Shining Black - vocals  

Studio musician

2002 Lana Lane - duet, harmony vocals  
2003 Erik Norlander - vocals  
2013 Artical - vocals  
2013 Artical - vocals  
2015 Bastian - vocals  
2018 Ark Storm - vocals  
2018 Frank Caruso - vocals  
2018 Tara Lynch - vocals  
2020 Artical - vocals  
2020 Artical - vocals  
2022 Alex Stephens - vocals  

Guest musician

1992 Maestro Alex Gregory - vocals  
2001 Empire - vocals  
2002-2004 Genius: A Rock Opera - vocals  
2004 Takayoshi Ohmura - vocals  
2005 Lars Eric Mattsson - vocals  
2009 Vindictiv - vocals  
2009 Wolf - backing vocals  
2010 Mistheria - vocals  
2010 Jayce Landberg - vocals  
2010 Kuni - vocals  
2011 Wolfpakk - vocals  
2011-2014 Boguslaw Balcerak's Crylord - vocals  
2012 Dokken - backing vocals  
2012 Driver - vocals  
2013 Gabriels - vocals  
2013 Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall - vocals  
2015 Vexillum - vocals  
2015-2018 Marius Danielsen's Legend Of Valley Doom - vocals  
2016 Vivaldi Metal Project - vocals  
2017 Ancestral Dawn - vocals  
2017 Even Flow - vocals  
2018 Estate - vocals  
2018 Niels Vejlyt - vocals  
2018 Orion's Reign - vocals  
2018 Amoriello - vocals  
2018-2021 Michael Schinkel's Eternal Flame - vocals  
2019 Lord Divine - vocals  
2020 Abstract Symphony - vocals  
2020 Alogia - vocals  
2020 Costas Varras - vocals  
2020 Monsanto - vocals  
2020-2022 Royal Hunt - vocals  
2021 Signum Draconis - vocals  
2021 White Wizzard - vocals  
2022 Andrew Lee's Heavy Metal Shrapnel - vocals  
2022 Vivaldi Metal Project - vocals  
2022 The Chronomaster Project - vocals  
2022 Fallen Symmetry - vocals  
2023 Circus Of Rock - vocals  

Personal information

Mark Boals is an American hard rock/progressive metal singer noted most for his work with Yngwie J. Malmsteen. Mark was born on December 5, in Youngstown, Ohio, USA. As a young child he learned to play the piano and bass guitar, but he is best known for his singing abilities. Although Boals has never had any vocal lessons or training, as a teenager he gained a lot of experience as a vocalist in local groups (for example Jasmine). Mark Boals is the founder and vocalist for the band Ring of Fire. His newest contribution as a singer is the vocalist seat of Danish neoclassical/progressive metal act Royal Hunt, which he inherited from John West.

Mark joined Ted Nugent's band in 1984 and toured throughout the U.S. In 1985 he joined Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force and performed on Trilogy before leaving Yngwie in 1986. Ten years later, after performing on certain songs in the cover album, "Inspiration", he resumed his role as vocalist with Yngwie Malmsteen for the album "Alchemy" showing amazing vocals on songs such as "Leonardo." The band subsequently went on tour.

In March 2000, Mark Boals won the No.1 Vocalist Prize in the Japanese music magazines "Burrn" and "Young Guitar". At the end of that year, on the same day, his first solo CD and Yngwie Malmsteen's "War To End All Wars", with Mark on vocals, were released. However, after many years of musical magic and friendship, the team of Yngwie Malmsteen and Mark Boals had decided to move in different directions, and Mark formed a new band, Ring of Fire. At the beginning of this year, Ring of Fire recorded their debut album at the George Bellas Studios in Chicago. Alongside Mark are George Bellas, Vitalij Kuprij, Virgil Donati and Philip Bynoe.

In addition Mark has participated in two exciting projects of Lion Music in Finland. He is appears on the Jason Becker tribute "Warmth in the Wilderness", singing a version of David Lee Roth's "Hammerhead Shark" with Lars Eric Mattson. As Yngwie Malmsteen urgently needed a singer for his current tour, Mark has toured again with him in Europe, but only as guest vocalist. Mark is featured on vocals on two songs, "Into The Light" and "I Will Always Be There", for the upcoming Empire CD "Hypnotica". Boals has also performed with Lana Lane, Billionaires Boys Club and Empire.

In recent years Mark Boals recorded 3 solo albums as well as 3 studio albums and one live dvd with his own band, "Ring Of Fire." The latest project album is entitled "The Codex", which Mark recorded with Magnus Karlsson. The album project marks the return to recording after a 3 years hiatus for Mark Boals.

In the summer of 2007 Mark started looking for a serious, permanent band situation and Royal Hunt became a perfect opportunity for a singer to exploit and expand his vocal abilities.