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Mercedes Lander


1996- Kittie - drums  
2016- The White Swan - drums, vocals, keyboards, guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 25.01.1984

Mercedes Sherida Lander (born January 25, 1984) is the drummer and backing vocalist for the Canadian alternative metal group Kittie. Her sister, Morgan Lander, also sings and plays guitar for Kittie. Other than Morgan she is the only other original member of Kittie.

She was also the leading vocals for a small Canadian project band called "Night of the Demons". They were considered "Hardcore" and focused on horror themed lyrics. They only released one E.P. as of date.

It was recently announced that Kittie's manager, and father of Morgan and Mercedes, David Lander died of a heart attack. A specific date of his death wasn't released but it was confirmed that he died during the first weekend of August 2008. Kittie played in West Hollywood, California on August 20, 2008, the last show booked by Dave Lander.