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Endhir Villa


1991-1998 Apolion's Genocide - drums  
1995-1996 Inquisition - drums  
2011- Apolion's Genocide - drums  

Personal information

Also known as: Xo.Kpurtos
Born on: 29.10.1982
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He began his musical career at an early age, he learned dulcimer and flute, and percussion playing them the first time with the group Voices Libres in the auditoriums of the Universidad del Valle.
In adolescence began playing drums empirically, shortly after Lemmy founded by APOLION'S GENOCIDE (1991).
In the years following entry into the ranks of INQUISITION (1995), replacing Santa in the battery and composed the beats with Dagon, on track "Summoning The Black Dimensions Of The Farallones" great piece of Black Metal Underground.

After a period of study abroad (1997), get music classes at the Università della Musica di Rome on sound engineering and drums at the CIAC School of music in Rome, studing different genres like Jazz - Blues - Funk, among others (1999).
Within this creative journey abroad, experience with various groups, forming GASP and leaving embodied a demo entitled "Les Amateurs Sans La Peine" / 4 A, a rock band Italiano, playing their own songs and covers / and FRITELLAS BAND, specialized group on covers of Dream Theater, for preparation and passion for music (2000).
Back to Colombia (2001), he moved to Bogota and integrates POLLUX-DEI band, which then turned into ART - GOT BAND, recording a CD entitled "Universal Minds", like an instrumental and progressive music.

In the following he entered the ranks of ESBBAT (2003) as a session drummer for a few years while the band participates in JEZABEL (2004) for live shows.
It presents another opportunity to return to Europe and participates as CONFLIGO session drummer (2006 - Rome), SEXSAINT (2012 - Rome), among others (Italy).

Currently being integrated LUGZBURZ rows in Bogotá and KALIKALABOZO / SURDUB BANDS in the city of Cali ( Colombia).