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Mitch Harris


1986 Regurgitation - guitars  
1987-1990 Righteous Pigs - guitars, vocals  
1987-1992 Defecation - bass, guitars, vocals  
1989- Napalm Death - guitars  
2000- Defecation - all instruments, vocals  
2006- Absolute Power - guitars  
2013- Righteous Pigs - guitars, vocals  
2013- Menace - guitars, keyboards, vocals (as Cygnus & Synergus)  
2018- Brave The Cold - vocals, guitars, bass  

Guest musician

1991 Goatlord - vocals  
2013 Soulfly - vocals  
2014 Corrupt Moral Altar - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 31.10.1970

Mitch Harris (born October 31, 1970) is an American guitarist, born in New York then moving to Las Vegas, currently living in Birmingham, England. He started his career in the hardcore punk band Righteous Pigs. He did a side project with Mick Harris - then the drummer of grindcore band Napalm Death, called Defecation. Shortly thereafter, he left Righteous Pigs and joined Napalm Death permanently in 1989, firstly appearing on the Harmony Corruption album. He is still with them, playing guitar and back-up vocals. He also participated in the projects Meathook Seed, Little Giant Drug and Goatlord.
Harris' backing vocals are very recognizable, sounding like high-pitched shrieks ala the Japanese bands S.O.B. and The Gaia. His style balances Mark "Barney" Greenway's guttural growling.