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Magnus Rosén


1997-2007 HammerFall - bass  
2004-2005 Jorn - bass  
2005- Planet Alliance - bass  
2006- X-World/5 - bass  
2008-2010 Full Force Inc - bass  
2009-2010 Revolution Renaissance - bass  
2012- Tony Martin - bass  
2015- Shadowside - bass  
2017- Avalanch - bass  

Guest musician

2012 Liv Moon - bass  

Personal information

Born on: 10.06.1963
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Klas Magnus Rosén is a Swedish musician, born 1963 in Gothenburg, and was the bassist of Swedish band Hammerfall.

Magnus Rosén started to play bass when he was 15 years old. When he had played bass for three years he went on his first tour with the band Kung Sune. After the tour he moved to Los Angeles, there he played in many bands, like Billionaires Boys Club there Anders Johansson played drums. He became a member in the Swedish heavy metal band Hammerfall in 1997. Magnus is also a skilled jazz bassist, having recorded two albums of solo material. He occasionally does solo tours in South America, where he donates the profits to charity. On March 7, 2007, Magnus left Hammerfall to focus on his own projects.