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Rieti Jauhiainen


1990- Cosmic Dog - drums  
1990-2010 Savo - drums  
2000- Sacred - drums  
2007- Virtuocity - drums  
2008- Project Silence - drums (as Silve_R)  

Personal information

Also known as: Silve_R
Born on: 03.06.1972

Official website

Rieti Jauhiainen alias Silve_R is Finnish Drummer from Kuopio, born in 3.6.1972.

Rieti have had some music projects in the past like; Cosmic Dog, Sacred, Savo, Tunteet-organisaatio and Virtuocity. Nowdays he plays in band called Project Silence.

He owns company named Treenis which provides training rooms for the bands. In past he have been Kuopios town council and was candidate for member of Parliament.