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1991-2000 Power Metal - guitars  
2005- Power Metal - guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 19.01.1971

Full name Luky Setyo Witjaksono, was born in the city of Surabaya, 19 January 1971, Luky's love for music began to learn guitar when junior grade 2 by following les and also learn from their peers. The title "The Best Guitar" in East Java successfully achieved the high school level when he and friend of the band following the high school band festival in East Java (1987). In 1991 he joined the powermetal, and he resigned from powermetal after album to 6 because of his work. However, he re-joined the powermetal (2005) to be the second guitarist. This guitarist has its own expertise in the selection of tone, technique squencing notes, and more lead guitar sound to the American style (crunchy).