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Tommy Karevik


2004-2005 Vindictiv - vocals  
2005- Seventh Wonder - vocals  
2010- Firecracker - vocals  
2012- Kamelot - vocals  

Live musician

2010-2011 Kamelot - vocals  

Guest musician

2012 Pellek - vocals  
2013 Ayreon - vocals  
2017 Ayreon - vocals  
2019 Tarja - vocals  
2020 Ayreon - vocals  
2022 Epica - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 01.11.1981


Karevik was born in 1981 in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. He later trained to become, and worked as, a fireman.

He first joined Seventh Wonder prior to the release of their debut album Become in 2005. Despite the warm reception of the album at the time of its release, the band members have stated that they were generally unhappy with the album due to its poor mixing and vocalist Andi Kravljaca. After Tommy joined the band, they toured briefly to promote the album.

The band then returned to the studio, eager to produce fresh material with their new singer. The resulting album was Waiting in the Wings, released in 2006. The album was met with very positive reviews. Ever since then, Karevik's powerful vocals have become a defining trait of the band. In 2008, Seventh Wonder released the critically acclaimed concept album Mercy Falls, and in 2010 they released their latest album, The Great Escape.

Studio footage from The Great Escape recording sessions were posted on the band's official forum and YouTube account. In these videos, it is explained that Karevik was experiencing problems with his voice during the recording of the album, and had to regularly apply a special spray to his throat in order to record the tracks. After much frustration and many outtakes, Karevik and the rest of the band were pleased with the final vocal tracks.

In 2011, Karevik performed as a guest vocalist for the acclaimed American metal band Kamelot. Kamelot was forced to tour without their longtime vocalist Roy Khan, who was unable to perform due to personal problems. Khan was replaced on tour by Italian singer Fabio Lione (of Rhapsody of Fire), and during the tour Kamelot announced that Khan had left the band. On the European leg of the tour, Tommy Karevik joined the crew, singing mostly backing vocals, but also performing solo on the songs EdenEcho and Center of the Universe.

On June 22, 2012 it was announced that Karevik had joined Kamelot as lead singer, replacing fellow Scandinavian Roy Khan, who left the band the year prior.

Tommy Karevik's influences include Queen, Russell Allen, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Ronnie James Dio, and Jørn Lande.