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Michael Trent Reznor


1982-1984 Option 30 - lead vocals, keyboards  
1985 The Innocent - vocals, piano, synthesizer, guitar, bass, programm  
1986-1988 Exotic Birds - keyboards, backing vocals  
1988- Nine Inch Nails - all instruments, vocals (as Trent Reznor)  
1995-2004 Tapeworm - vocals, synthesizer  
2010- How To Destroy Angels - guitars, backing vocals, keyboards (as Trent Reznor)  

Live musician

1990 Revolting Cocks - keyboards, backing vocals  

Guest musician

1988 Lucky Pierre - saxophone  
1996 Marilyn Manson - guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 17.05.1965

Michael Trent Reznor was born May 17, 1965, in the small town of Mercer, PA; he went by his middle name to avoid confusion with his father, Michael. At age five, Reznor's parents divorced and he wound up being raised mostly by his maternal grandparents; even so, Reznor stated repeatedly that his childhood was mostly happy. He began playing the piano at age five, studying classical music, and later learned tenor sax and tuba in the school band; he also acted in musicals and became an avid Kiss fan. Reznor spent a year studying music and computers at Allegheny College, but dropped out after a year to pursue music full-time; he soon packed up and moved to Cleveland with high school friend Chris Vrenna. Around the same time, he was discovering new wave and assorted underground music; he was most fascinated with early industrial, since it offered an edgy, aggressive way to use electronic instruments. At age 19, he successfully auditioned to join an AOR band called the Innocent, which released one album, Livin' in the Streets (Reznor's picture does appear on the jacket). He quit the Innocent after just three months and subsequently gigged with local bands; he also worked in a keyboard store and as a janitor in the local Right Track recording studio. Eventually, he became a studio engineer, teaching himself various computer applications and working on his own material during off hours. In 1987, Reznor appeared in the Michael J. Fox/Joan Jett film Light of Day, where he played keyboards with a trio dubbed the Problems during a bar scene.