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Alessandro Cortini


1998- Modwheelmood - synthesizers, keyboards, vocals  

Live musician

2001-2002 The Mayfield Four - guitars, backing vocals  
2005- Nine Inch Nails - keyboards  

Personal information

Born on: 24.05.1976

Alessandro Cortini (born May 24, 1976) is an Italian musician best known for touring with the American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails from 2005-2007 as the keyboardist. Cortini is also the frontman for the Los Angeles based electronic-alternative band Modwheelmood.

Cortini moved from Italy to the United States to study guitar at the Musicians Institute. After graduating, and straying away from the guitar, he decided to focus on keyboards and synths. From 2001-2002, Cortini acted as touring guitarist for The Mayfield Four in support of their album Second Skin. While briefly teaching at the Musicians Institute, he saw an ad for open auditions for Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor, the frontman for Nine Inch Nails stated that:

"My first thought when Alessandro walked in was that he didn't look like what I had in mind. His presence was intense but gentle, not the "I'm gonna attack you" energy fans might associate with NIN. Then he started, and within 30 seconds I was like "That's the guy!" I never once regretted it. Without taking anything away from Charlie [Clouser], Alessandro is really into playing the studio parts as much as humanly possible."

Throughout 2005-2006, in support of the 2005 Nine Inch Nails album With Teeth, Cortini was part of the live lineup for Nine Inch Nails alongside Trent Reznor, Aaron North, Jeordie White and Jerome Dillon (who later became replaced by Josh Freese). In Fall 2006, Cortini contributed to the Musicians Institute's Recording Artist Program by acting as advisor for 1-on-1 training with students. In 2007, Cortini continued touring with Nine Inch Nails in support of the 2007 Nine Inch Nails album Year Zero, mainly outside of the U.S. As of September 18, 2007, the Nine Inch Nails touring band was disbanded so frontman Trent Reznor could experiment with other ways of playing his music live. It has been revealed in recent months, through photos posted on Nine Inch Nail's website, that Cortini is working on "something" with Reznor.

Cortini is also the frontman of Los Angeles band Modwheelmood, which he leads with former Abandoned Pools guitarist Pelle Hillstrom. Together they have released two EPs, ? (2003) and Enemies & Immigrants (2006). In 2007, they released Things Will Change, the companion remix disc for Enemies & Immigrants, and they released their first full-length album Pearls to Pigs, Vol. 1 on December 25, 2007. Modwheelmood have also remixed "The Great Destroyer" on the Nine Inch Nails release Year Zero Remixed.