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Perhaps as an effect of the rural isolation and folkloric mysticism of the region where the band has its roots, Fluisteraars have a very distinctive style: raw atmospherics molded into blackened psychedelic folk-rock. With three full-length albums in their pocket, the band has established itself as an important force in the Dutch black metal landscape. Fluisteraars was Bob Mollema on vocals, Mink Koops at drums and guitars, and Asher de Vries on bass.

After two well received demos, Dutch black metal trio Fluiteraars make their official debut statement in 2014. "Dromers" comprises three epic-length tracks that take the listener on a winding, windswept journey through the catacombs of ancient black metal mysticism. Like the fading rays of the sun during the change of seasons, as autumnal splendor gives way to wintry majesty, Fluisteraars' Dromers conjures visions both familiar and foreign, both immediate and distant. Their vision of black metal is a highly personal and deeply emotive one, at times recalling early Primordial and Agalloch as well as Autumn Aurora-era Drudkh, yet evincing an engaging personality all their own - and one, it must be said, quite special to their Netherlands homeland. The path is open before you...

Even though much has been written and recorded when it comes to extreme metal, Fluisteraars are quite extraordinary in their way of arranging and presenting music. With vast influences concerning the ambience and atmospheric aspects of their craft the Dutch trinity is not to be easily stuck in just one plain direction. The early on forged term "Windswept Black Metal" recalling imagery of rain, decay, bleakness, and intoxication still to date embodies their own amalgamation of intriguing, atmospheric music.

Blending the welcoming, epic affair of their debut with more harsh and biting effort's more reminiscent of 90s black metal, Luwte (2015) captures the band from a slightly different, yet none less qualitative angle. While the band had already shown their effective vigor with time stretching melodic and edgy grandeur, this second album is very much the more ferocious finished extension to it. An unpolished yet elaborate production with final mastering duties taken over by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmonyy perfectly suits the dynamic, intelligent nature of the music.

After their acclaimed 2nd album "Luwte", Fluiteraars takes a step back to their early days; less sprawling songwriting constructed into shorter tracks, furious and dense in sound. Keeping the skin-biting epicness they are known for, Fluisteraars manage to provide equally expressive black metal tunes. Two exclusive tracks pressed on black wax with 45rpm, their music never sounded better!

In 2018, Two of the Netherlands' most innovative black metal bands, Fluisteraars and Turia, have aligned to release a conceptual split album on Eisenwald Records. Both hailing from Gelderland, a more densely forested area of the Netherlands, the bands take inspiration from the regions' history and their natural surroundings. Conceptually, the album deals with the two primary rivers, the Waal and the Rhine, that mark the area around Arnhem and Nijmegen, their respective hometowns. Highlighting the bonds forged between both bands, the record is called De Oord, an old Dutch word designating the area where two rivers meet.

In May 2019, Fluiteraars tracked the songs of their third album, Bloem, at E-Sound Studios, with recording and Mix by Thomas Cochrane and mastered by Wessel Oltheten. Finally, Bloem was published in February 2020.