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Orphaned Land was formed in 1991 under the moniker "Resurrection".
In 1992, after a period of research and self-realization, the band decided to focus on the actual and cultural reality of the middle-east region and therefore changed its name to "Orphaned Land".

Orphaned Land is an explorer of various musical styles and existing ideas/concepts worldwide. They combine philosophies and religious concepts in their diverse music, which is based on metal music, yet the sky is the limit when it comes to musical richness and Orphaned Land: they combine ancient folk instruments such as Saz, Kanoon, Oud, Bouzouki, 20 different percussion types, using 6 languages and singing styles from various cultures worldwide, while using and mixing the monotheistic religions,- Judaism, Islam and Christianity with a rainbow full of cultural elements.

In 1993, after self releasing their debut demo "The Beloved's Cry", the band was signed by the French label "Holy Records" for 2 albums. Their first album, "Sahara", was released in 1994, followed by their 1996 "El Norra Alila", set the stage for Orphaned Land's unique sound, being a fresh breeze from the middle-east, since the metal scene was so used to bands from the U.S, Europe and Scandinavian countries.
Their albums were widely covered in the press and drew hundreds of interviews.

Following the success of their first 2 albums, Orphaned Land got several offers from major labels, and finally signed with Century Media in 1997.

After signing the new contract, due to personal issue side by side with the harsh reality of life in Israel and the middle-east, Orphaned Land went into "low gear" for nearly 6 years, a period known as "The calm before the flood". This period ended when the band came back to the stage in a 3 shows mini-tour in Israel and Turkey titled "the calm before the flood". From there on the path was paved for this extraordinary band, forces got reunited into high gear, and in 2004 the band finished the work of its long awaiting album "Mabool", telling the story of the three sons of seven and based on the biblical flood.

Immediately after the release of "Mabool", the band was signed with the leading booking agency ICS.

"Mabool" set Orphaned Land in the front of the middle-eastern & worldwide metal scene as the flagship band of Israel, as the band toured 4 continents in almost 30 countries, including being the first ever Israeli band in world-known festivals such as Wacken Open-Air, Summer-Breeze, Hellfest and ProgPower.

Nowadays the band is working on its next release titled "The Neverending Way Of ORwarriOR" produced by Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, Opeth), to be released tentatively at late 2008/early 2009.

(source: Orphaned MySpace)