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In November 1990, the first music tape from a Swiss band gathered a lot of attention in the independent
and underground scenes of that time. Emotional music, leavened by classical influences, with unusual poetical lyrics, fascinated and revived a slowly dying scene. This was the birth of Lacrimosa, a one-man-project by the German-born Tilo Wolff.

Tilo Wolff formed the record label, Hall Of Sermon, for the first longplay album, to ensure Lacrimosa the absolute and unconfined artistical freedom. Previously, the stylistic devices that were used by Lacrimosa improved from album to album, without following any musical trend; thereby still connected to its own roots. With this progressive development, Lacrimosa supported the tolerance between music lovers in a widespread audience of alternative music.

In the beginning of 1994 (along with many guest-musicians) Anne Nurmi joined Lacrimosa as a second and permanant member. Anne Nurmi, who was part founder, and also a singer and keyboard player of the Finnish band TWO WITCHES, put new emphasis within the music of Lacrimosa with her extraordinary voice and composing skills.

The following releases succeeded to combine the emotional sounds with the massive hardness of Metal and Hard Rock, without losing the obvious love to synphonic music. Once more Lacrimosa set a headstone for more exchange between music lovers and musical companions from other bands; and by that became a pioneer for such music styles like Gothic-Metal and Symphonic-Metal! What started as a tightrope walk with an uncertain end became a new and very successful trend!

In 1998 the first german speaking independent act Lacrimosa visited Mexico. For the first time ever, they started connecting to a bigger audience in a Latin American country with music sung in the German language! After Mexico, where Lacrimosa plays one of its most successful music imports Sehnsucht, concerts followed in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador. After many tours through Europe, Lacrimosa managed to take the step towards Asia.

Meanwhile, Lacrimosa has worked with the world famous LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, in the legendary Abbey Road Studios, and has reached top placements in the charts in over 25 countries worldwide.
The release of the aforementioned album, Sehnsucht, in May 2009, along with the worldtour (beginning July 11th) in Argentina, made its way through South America, Central America, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Central and Eastern Europe.

No other German-speaking band has ever been able to present a worldtour in its own language and no other band has brought the German language into so many different countries worldwide. An incomparable phenomenon.

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