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Country: Germany
Label: Hall Of Sermon

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Formed in: 1990

1990-Gothic metal
1997-Symphonic metal


1990-  Tilo Wolff - vocals, keyboards, piano
1993-  Anne Nurmi - keyboards, vocals
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1996-1999  Gottfried Koch - guitar
1996-1999  Sascha Gerbig - guitar
1996-2001  Jay P. - guitar, bass
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1995-  Rüdiger "AC" Dreffein - drums
2001-  Jens Arnsted - bass, backing vocals
2012-  Henrik Flyman - guitars
2001-  Jens Arnsted - bass, backing vocals
2009-  Henrik Flyman - guitars
2012  Stefan Schwarzmann - drums


1993 Alles Lüge [EP] 7.9
1994 Schakal [EP] 8.4
2005 Lichtgestalten [EP] 8.3
1996 Stolzes Herz [Single] 8.1
1998 Live [Live] 9.1
1999 Alleine Zu Zweit [Single] 7.9
2000 The Live History [DVD] 8.7
2001 Der Morgen Danach [Single] 7.8
2002 Durch Nacht Und Flut [Single] 8.1
2005 Musikkurzfilme [DVD] 9.2
2007 Lichtjahre [DVD] 9.2
2007 Lichtjahre [Live] 9.1
2009 I Lost My Star [Single] 7.7
2009 Feuer [Single] 7.8
2009 Singles 1993-2009 [Boxset] 7
2010 Schattenspiel [Compilation] 8.1
2019 Zeitreise [Compilation] 8.8
2023 Nachts [Live]

Latest reviews

No matter what you say about Lacrimosa, it will not be enough simply because Lacrimosa is not just music - it's pure Art - a gothic metal/rock opera of emotions and experiences.

Tilo Wolff, the genius mind behind Lacrimosa, in combination with the...
Review by KwonVerge ››
2003 found Lacrimosa with a new album, the long-awaited "Echos". Usually on the covers of the band we could see the happy-sad clown (happy smile/the lie - sad eyes/the truth), but this time on the cover lies a ship, the ship of Lacrimosa amongst...
Review by KwonVerge ››
Lacrimosa, well known and established German Gothic act surprise us once again delivering an exquisite piece of art, an astonishing, overwhelming gothic opera which no words can describe.

Let's start by warning that the root of this album is pure...
Review by Undercraft ››
1997, "Stille"; the tragic figure of the clown stands alone on the stage ready to start the show in front of an empty audience holding in his arms his painful violin, his only friend. Solitude surrounds him and he starts to play, bleeding melodies...
Review by KwonVerge ››
Lacrimosa were formed by Tilo Wolff who is until nowadays the main composer, lyric-writer and front-man of the band (from a moment and on Ann Nurmi was added to the basic line-up of Lacrimosa and from that moment Tilo and Ann constitute the composing...
Review by KwonVerge ››

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