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Throes Of Dawn - Biography




Throes of Dawn is a metal band from Finland, formed in 1994 by Henri Koivula (vocals) and Jani Heinola (synth). Throes of Dawn´s music could be described as emotional and progressive dark metal. Their sound is built on the combination of synths and guitars, laced with clean vocals and additional growling and screaming vocals. There is unique atmosphere and depth in their music that flows like an ominous soundtrack to a surreal and bittersweet end. The lyrical concept of Throes of Dawn is often poetic, reflecting the deeper and darker aspects of the human psyche; solitude, feelings of loss, and the fears and pains of existence.

After getting the band a full line-up, the first demo tape was made, and the first deal was signed with Woodcut Records in 1995. This led to the release of "Pakkasherra" promo tape in 1996 and eventually "Pakkasherra" album, which was released in 1997. Later that year the band supported Satyricon in Helsinki.

The second album "Dreams of the Black Earth" materialized in the legendary Tico-Tico studio in late 1997. It sounded unique. The music of Throes of Dawn had developed enormously from "Pakkasherra" album and showed much more mature and organic side of their music. One song from this album was released as a taster in "The Blackened Rainbow" MCD in 1998. "Dreams of the Black Earth" was released worldwide in 1999.

The recording sessions of the third "Binding of the Spirit" album took place once again at Tico-Tico studios during the autumn 1999. Armed with better sound quality and production, the band showed a darker and more depressive side of their dark metal. "Binding of the Spirit" was released through Wounded Love in Spring 2000. The response from the listeners and the press was great. The album received very good reviews worldwide.

After the third album, things got complicated for the other band members, when the founders of the band, Henri and Jani moved away from the hometown. The band had been practically dead for a few months, until they brought the band back to life with completely new line-up.

Soon after, a new line-up started to take shape. New members came from familiar bands: Lead guitarist Juha Ylikoski had played in Rotten Sound, the bass player Harri Huhtala had a history in Cartilage and Vomiturition, and the drummer, Jani Martikkala, had made his contibution in ...And Oceans, Black Dawn and Enochian Crescent.

After years of intense songwriting, the recordings of the fourth album "Quicksilver Clouds" started in 2003 at Sonic-pump studios in Helsinki. With "Quicksilver Clouds" Throes of Dawn exceeded all their previous releases. New features were combined into the traditional Throes of Dawn sound, and this opened new dimensions into their dark metal. Quicksilver Clouds was released in 2004 by Avantgarde music with praising feedback from the metal press. The band made numerous succesful live shows to promote the album, performing with bands like Anathema, Orphaned Land and Green Carnation. Besides Finland, the band also performed in Germany, The Netherlands and Russia.

Some years later, the band started to experiment with new musical elements and sounds. There was numerous test recordings between 2006 and 2007 where the outlines for the fifth album slowly started to emerge. The band hired a familiar sound technician to do the recordings and mixing for them, and the recordings of the new album started in November 2007. In various locations, and through many trials and sessions, the album recordings and mixing finally ended in November 2009.

The album had it´s final fine-tuning in the Finnvox mastering studios and the outcome is brilliant: There is a flow in the music like never before, introducing yet another, diverse face of the band. Subtle and melancholic, atmospheric and profound, "The Great Fleet of Echoes" is a clear expansion in the bands songwriting. Showing more versatile, progressive and melodic approach into the gloom and melancholy their music reflects. A Firm and logical step forward. A Musical journey into the very essence of Throes of Dawn. "The Great Fleet of Echoes" was released worldwide through Firebox records in February 2010.