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Karnivool - Biography



Formed in 1996, Karnivool have since released several singles and one EP, and most recently their debut album Themata. Notable performances include playing at the Big Day Out Festival in Perth twice, as well as performing at the Rock-It Festival. They toured with Cog on the Homeland Security Tour shortly after the release of Themata and since have toured Australia extensively on their own headline tours. Karnivool, along with Ankla played alongside Skindred and Nonpoint on the Great American Rampage Tour in the North America in late 2007. The band played all 5 cities of Big Day Out 2008 during January and February. During April and May 2008, they toured Australia with special guest That 1 Guy. They are hitting the summer festival circuit once again in 2008/09, playing Pyramid Rock Festival, Southbound and Homebake. Anticipation for a new tour and a second album will only build after these appearances.

Their album was named after Themata, an old Greek word; the plural of Thema. A Thema is gut assumption or intuition about the workings of the world or life itself, a philosophy you can't prove with hard evidence, but something you instinctively know is right and are willing to back. For the recordings of Themata, they used guitars tuned in the very awkward tuning of B-F#-B-G-B-E (which some fans have affectionately dubbed 'Karnivool Tuning'), which is basically a hybrid tuning of Dropped-B (low strings) and Standard E (high strings). Guitarist Andrew Goddard said that this was because he forgot the high strings while detuning and that he liked the complexity. Andrew Goddard wrote the tracks for Themata. Karnivool only actually played the songs off Themata together as a band after the album was recorded, according to Drew.

Themata was released independently on 7 February 2005, and was distributed via MGM Distribution. The album was released in the US on 10 April 2007 via Bieler Bros. Records and in the UK on 7 May. The album was well received in Australia, with Kerrang! Magazine describing it as "a ten-track journey of soaring melody". The music video for the single Themata was recently added to the UK version of MTV's Headbangers Ball.

After returning for the US, and completing their slot in the 2008 Big Day Out the band headed back into the studio to write their follow-up to Themata.

In an interview with X-Press Magazine, guitarist Andrew Goddard said that the new album will be a huge step up from Themata. He also says that the writing process of the new record has been more of a collaborative group effort by the band than previous works, and that they are going to go into the studio with a new recording strategy: that is, trying to focus less on the minute details, and put together a more natural sounding album. Karnivool will be releasing their long awaited second album in early 2009.

During their recent live performances in the Aeons Tour, they played three new songs, titled "Goliath", "Deadman" and "Pearogram", as well as "New Day", which had been played at previous shows. At their performance at Homebake in 2008, they debuted a fifth new song entitled "Set Fire to the Hive" - this has now been confirmed as the first single from the album. The new songs appear to have a more mature vibe, but still bear resemblance to the band's other work. The album is one of the most anticipated Australian releases for 2009. In an interview with Channel V, Ian Kenny stated that after the success of the Aeons Tour, the band's next tour will be based on a similar layout which brings a new impression on the typical rock show. On April 15th, 2009, Karnivool stated on their MySpace that the new album would be called "Sound Awake". They also posted tour dates for their new "Sound Awake" tour.