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Municipal Waste - Biography




Born in the sewers of Richmond, Virginia during 2000, with the aim of spreading the shred, Municipal Waste played their first gig at a Richmond New Year's Eve keg-party in 2000/2001. Blamed for inciting a small riot, Brendan Trache, Andy Harris, Tony Foresta and Ryan Waste went down a storm. As a result, the four swiftly started touring in small clubs; their blazing fast, raw thrash drew from the tradition of D.R.I., Suicidal Tendencies, Animosity-era Corrosion Of Conformity, Nuclear Assault and Attitude Adjustment.
Graduating to the road from the dirty bunker-type garage behind Ryan's house (a place where he used to put on punk and metal shows), Municipal Waste toured incessantly throughout 2001/2 in the USA and Mexico.
The band also released two split records - one 7" with Bad Acid Trip, the other being a 12" with Crucial Unit; they also had tracks on a number of compilations.
A line-up change happened in '02 when Brendan Trache left, being replaced by Brandon Ferrell in time for the Tango and Thrash split record, before Municipal Waste released Waste 'Em All on 6 Weeks Records.

Fast, furious and funny, each of Municipal Waste's super-short songs is a memorable anthem to post-apocalyptic mutants, beer, thrash music... or, indeed, all of the above. The band's dedication to their art is deadly serious, yet they are not afraid to bring the fun back into hardcore.
Bashing out songs with such titles as "Thrashing's My Business... and Business Is Good", "Thrash? Don't Mind If I Do" and "Drunk As Shit" (as well as a split EP whose songs were all based on Kurt Russell films), Municipal Waste have earned themselves the tag of the ultimate 'party thrash' band.
Meanwhile, back on the timeline, following Waste 'Em All, both Andy and Brandon left the Waste, being replaced by drummer Dave Witte (formerly with Melt Banana) and bassist LandPhil on bass. Touring constantly and gaining a riotous reputation, by this time Municipal Waste had firmly established themselves as the leaders of a fast-growing scene of bands resurrecting the spirit of the mid-'80s crossover scene.

In 2005 Municipal Waste signed to Earache Records and recorded the Hazardous Mutation album, featuring such two-minute wonders as the mighty "Terror Shark", "The Thrashin' of the Christ", "Bangover" and the undisputed Municipal Waste anthem "Unleash the Bastards".
In 2005/2006 Municipal Waste shot a video for "Unleash the Bastards", with both gory and less-gory versions being released.

Municipal Waste had already succeeded in spreading their shred across the ocean, becoming favorites on the BBC Radio 1's 'Lock-Up' and 'Rock Show' programmes. They're also firm favorites with audiences around the world, thanks to their relentless touring regime and insane live shows.
In 2006, Municipal Waste played with Sick Of It All around Europe, and also blasted Australia from coast to coast. They also played the UK's prestigious Reading and Leeds Festivals on the Lock-Up stage, and set off on their biggest US tour yet with Gwar.
2007 saw Municipal Waste touring with Destruction in the USA, before going into the studio with producer Zeuss to record their next thrash masterpiece. In April and May, the band had plans to tour Europe with The Haunted. Check out for up-to-the-minute updates from the Waste.