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Are heavy music and sophistication destined to be mutually exclusive?

Virgin Black contests that statement. They embody the pedigree from both sides of the fence, and gracefully walk the fine line between the two. Members of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra have praised the compositions and musical integrity that Virgin Black display; while the overall sound has been compared by many to motion picture scores. The music is complex in its structure and changes to follow the development in mood and the unfolding story within the music. When all this is applied to a base style akin to the music of Black Sabbath, Type O Negative and aspects of black metal bands such as Emperor, the band shows that they are bringing integrity to the heavy music genre, as opposed to wearing the badge while divorcing themselves from the style.

Virgin Black is an ambitious musical production that audiences can't help but venerate. In a live situation, each member shows incredible precision and a deep understanding of the music being played. Yet just as important, is the vehement intensity which each individual exudes. At the forefront are the two main composers. From the untamed aggression, flair and sensual style of the petite, yet emotionally belligerent Samantha Escarbe; to the sheer forcefulness, and operatic richness, coupled with moments of quietude, both disturbing and warm, which epitomize Virgin Black's main voice, Rowan London. Fittingly, crowds experience a dramatic and atmospheric show, not unlike a stage production.

Virgin Black revealed themselves to the world with a demo release in 1995, which was simply described by RIP IT UP magazine as "extraordinary". Due to the success of the self-titled demo, three tracks were released on the compilation CD "Falling on Deaf Ears" in 1996. With worldwide distribution and radio airplay, a widespread fan base was established. Following up in 1998 the "Trance" CD EP was released, selling extremely well throughout the world. It continues to sell well today, helped along by the release of the song, "Whispers Of Dead Sisters" on the "Down Underground" compilation CD.

Through the years, Virgin Black have played alongside international acts including Paradise Lost, Cathedral, Entombed and many successful Australian bands. The defining moment for Virgin Black however, has come in the form of their debut album "Sombre Romantic" already slated as a landmark release, that will thrust them into the view of the world. The material on the album has been meticulously crafted, and balances commercial viability with musical integrity, and a sound that speaks for itself.

Absorb the world of Virgin Black.