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The band begun when three former members of a famous Spanish band called Dark Moor left it. Elisa C.Martin (vocals), Albert Maroto (guitar) and Jorge Sáez (drums) decided to create Dreamaker, a new band where they could represent all their own ideas. The band started its searching to complete the line-up and, the young argentine guitar, Matias Sosa was its first new member.

Dreamaker received some offers from bass players and finally Carlos Peña was chosen for the band. Roberto P. Camús (who left Dark Moor in June 2002) showed his interest to join the band and he completed the line-up, but, a bit later, he decided to leave the band. The name of the new keyboard of Dreamaker is Nino Ruiz, a very talentous musician who played in another Spanish band named Sphinx.

Have anyone a better name than Dreamaker (Dream Maker) to define exactly what the band want? To create musical dreams without limits based, of course, by the way that give a sense all their lives: Metal.

Alter sign up with Arise Recods for two albums, in September 2003, they record their first album in Sonic Pump Studios (Helsinki) where bands such as Stratovarius, Warmen or Kotipelto have recorded too. Dreamaker's debut is called "Human Device" and was edited last 4th of March. This record has the collaborations of Ark 666 (Impaled Nazanere) and Nino Laurenne (Thunderstone), even Jorge Saéz, band's drummer, recorded some guttural voices in "Welcome to my hell". They licensed the cd in countries like Argentina, Mexico, Taiwan, Korea, Russia or Japan and Europe. Of their Spanish shows, it´s right to emphasize their presence in cities as Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Murcia, Sevilla and many important festivals like Viña Rock, Alcaceres Open Air, Ripollet Rock and many more. Also they were the support band for SCORPIONS in the Spanish tour.

Dreamaker did a JAPANESE TOUR in May 2004 where they were very well received by the japanese audience. In Japan the band realized many interviews for specializing magazines, radios and television. The guitarists Albert and Matias recorded a didactic video that was included in the magazine YOUNG GUITAR.

The band has recorded the second and last album under Arise Records in M - 20 studios in Madrid, produced and mastered by BigSimon and Albert Maroto. "Enclosed" It's the title chosen for this album that will be released on March 18th. This album is a great change for the band, showing the way that Dreamaker always have wanted, introducing electronic elements, powerful guitars and commercial vocals melodies. The influences of the band are very varied, Rammstein, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Soilwork, Evanescence... although always conserving our own style. Dreamaker have a Spanish tour closed (25 concerts), some summer festivals and many more not confirmed yet. Now they are looking for a big booking agency to play many gigs out Spain and in March they will be free to look for a new record company.

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