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2003-2011  Albert Maroto - guitars, vocals
2003-2011  Nino Ruiz - keyboards
2003-2011  Matías Sosa - guitars
2003-2011  Carlos Peña - bass
2003-2011  Elisa Candelas Martín - vocals
2003-2011  Jorge Sáez - drums
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2003  Roberto Peña de Camús - keyboards
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2005  J. A. Soler - vocals

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The three x-Dark Moor band members Elisa C. Martin (Vocals), Albert Maroto (Guitars), and Jorge Saez (Drums) released their debut with Dreamaker in 2004 "Human Device", an album that wasn't that far from what they had been doing in Dark...
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Soon after the big split-up in Spain's Dark Moor, the announcement of a new band soon came out, a band formed by the three that left Dark Moon, Elisa C. Martin (Vocals), Albert Moroto (Guitars) and Jorge Saez (Drums).
They picked up the name Dreamaker...
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