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1989: On 11/7 Costas Dead (vocals) and Jim (drums) both ex-members of the noise-grind band PARAKMI(DECLINE) formed the Death Metal band MORBID ILLUSION with two session members: Nectarios from INSANITY (bass) and John (R.I.P.) from NECROMANCY (guitars).

1990: After many changes of members they recorded their first song Macabre Nature with two new members: Billy (bass) and Apostolis (guitar). After that recording the band changed its name to CURSE .

1991: Like if they were really cursed the band changed once again its name to OBSECRATION. By this time Nectarios returned to the band as a permanent member to play the bass and Billy took the guitar. On May with this line-up they recorded their first demo Petrified Remains which contained 4 Death Metal tracks & 2 atmospheric intros & 1 outro. On July Nectarios leaves the band to join the army. On September with two new members: Nick (lead guitar) and Sotiris (bass) both ex-AVATAR, they played their first gig at the 10 Days Of Molon Lave Records festival at Rodon Club. Due to several problems (Billy joined EPIDEMIC, Nick left the band to follow different music styles and Sotiris just disappeared!!!) the band started looking for new members.

1992: On January John (lead guitar) joined the band. On May Billy and Sotiris re-joined the band. By this time OBSECRATION released the live-demo The Mourning Of The Ghoul. On October with this line-up the band started the recordings for its second studio-demo, which unfortunately was never released because during the recordings Jim joined the army. On November they played live at An Club with SELEFICE & SEPTICEMIA with a new member: Angelos (ex-BLOOD COVERED) on drums.

1993: On January they decided not to release a second studio-demo but to record a 7ep at Molon Lave Studios without Sotiris. The bass on the recordings played by Billy and the keyboards by Marina. On February MOLON LAVE RECORDS released their 7ep Oblivious which contained two Brutal Death Metal tracks +1 intro which was the result of the new line-ups music style. On March they played live once again at An Club with BLOOD COVERED & INSANE with Spiros (SEPTIC FLESH) on the bass. On April with the same line-up they played live at Agathi Club with SEPTIC FLESH & HORRIFIED. On July Angelos was kicked away from the band. At the same time Lefteris (bass) joined the band.

1994: On January the band started the recordings for their first full-length cd at Storm Studios, with special guest, MAGUS WAMPYRE DAOLOTH (NECROMANTIA) on the intro and outro keyboard parts who also was the sound engineer. On February they released the live-demo Horror In A Gothic Genres Grave. On March after the ending of the recordings Costas Dead and John joined the army. This made a non-creative period for the band because they were the members who had the correspondence of the bands with the labels.

1995: On October after the ending of the military service Costas Dead restarted the correspondence with the labels, which led them to a contract with HAMMERHEART RECORDS from the Netherlands. At the same time some new changes came to the line-up of the band. The final line-up on November was: Costas Dead (vocals), Spiros Ruthven (bass), Spiros N. (lead guitar), Billy (rhythm guitar) and Paul (drums).

1996: On March John returned to the band and replaced Spiros N. On May HAMMERHEART RECORDS released their first full-length cd The Inheritors Of Pain which contained 6 more brutal tracks +1 intro +1 outro, which had been sold out in the later years. On November the cooperation with HAMMERHEART RECORDS ended.

1997: On March Billy joined the army. On May they started the recordings of their second full-length cd at Wave Productions studios. On July they played live at Next Club with EPIDEMIC, ACID DEATH, PIRANHA, SENTINEL, SHARPNESS, CRIMSON SUNSET & AREA..51. On October they played live at Paranoid Club with PIRANHA and SENTINEL.

1998: On January Paul & Spiros Ruthven joined the army. As a result of this the recordings were left behind.

1999: On March they finished the recordings. On April the two brothers John and Paul left the band.

2000: On August after the departure of Billy, Manolis (guitars) & Alexandros (drums) both members of LEPROSY joined the band. On September IN VISION MUSIC released their second full-length cd Oceanum Oblivione which contained 8 brutal progressive Death Metal tracks, 1 intro & 2 remastered tracks (1 from the first cd).

2001: On January the band started the recordings of the mcd State Of Grace at Wave Productions studios which inluded three new tracks, two older but unreleased ones, one new version of the same titled song OBSECRATION & one intro + one outro. On April the band played live at WOODSTOCK club at a 5-days Death-Black-Thrash Metal festival with many bands from Greece and with Dimitris from SOULS ASTRAY at the rhythm guitar as Session member. Using the same line up OBSECRATION played, after 8 long years, at the famous AN CLUB, supported by bands as OBDUKTION, LEPROSY & DECEMBERANCE. The gig was organized by the underground METAL DEFIANCE..zine .. the last gig OBSECRATION played in the AN CLUB, the lead guitarist left the band for personal reasons.

2002: The band has signed a contract with the SLEASZY RIDER RECORDS and was to release with their former label (INVISION MUSIK) a mcd with the titleSTATE OF GRACE in the end of April 2001, but because of some problems with that label, it didn..t happen. Now it will be released from the S.R.Rec. as a splitcd with the British band KORRODEAD entitled THE LAST VISION BEFORE THE OBLITERATION in the end of May. At the same period the recordings of the new cd started and the line- up changed with the base player taking the rhythm guitar and George the new member on lead guitar. The recordings took place on August and the cd was released on November the 19th with the title SINS OF THE FLESH. After the release of the cd the band started live performances, beginning on December the 15th at the AERAS club with SICKENING HORROR and two other bands.

2003: The year started with the band playing at the AN club on 5th January in a festival of SLEASZY RIDER REC. as headliners along with other six bands ( SNOWBLIND, WOMB OF MAGGOTS, HELLFIRE B.C., SOUND OF SILENCE, DIVA NOCTUA ENTROPIA & HEDON CRIES ). On the 16th of February again at AN club OBSECRATION took part in the METAL DEFIANCE Festival prt. III along with (MEMORAIN, RAVENCULT, OBDUKTION, CROSSOVER & DEVISER). The band released the track RAVENOUS in the form of a videoclip in two versions (cut & uncut). The cut was shown in the TVWAR show in MAD channel on the 9th of April. In edition the band made T-shirts displaying their new album both long sleeves & short sleeves. On the 3th of May at GAGARIN club OBSECRATION supported successfully the famous American bands CANNIBAL CORPSE & NUCLEAR ASSAULT. In June Kyriakos D. joined the band as a permanent bass player. In 17th of August OBSECRATION was the headline band in the second day of the OPEN MIND Festival in Kalamata with INNER WISH, RAVENCULT, DIVA NOCTUA ENTROPIA & EVA BRAUN. In 24th of August OBSECRATION with CROSSOVER supported the famous Norwegian band ANCIENT at MYLOS club in Thessaloniki. In September the band entered the STUDIO 5 and recorded two tracks for a promo-CD. These two tracks (one new song and an older one in a new version) plus an intro will be released as an 7ep with the title Vault Of The Obscure Vortex. In 26th of October the band participated in Golden R Festival part 3 in Volos city with the following bands: ROTTING CHRIST, DARK VISION, NEGATIVE CREEPS, INNERHATE, STONEDREAM & STALEBONE.

2004: The year started with the band playing at the AN club on 4th January in the second day of the festival of SLEASZY RIDER REC. with the other six bands (IN MEMORY (ITALY), SOUND OF SILENCE, ROTTING FLESH, DIVA NOCTUA ENTROPIA, HEDON CRIES & NAISSANE. On the 25th of April at RODON club OBSECRATION supported successfully the famous Swedish band HYPOCRISY. On July the 7.... ep "VAULT OF THE OBSCURE VORTEX" was released from SUPREME MUSIC CREATIONS REC. (limited in 400 copies). On 11th of July OBSE celebrated their 15 years of existence with a number of fans and close friends, in an underground low profile remaining true to DEATH METAL and to themselves like they did all the years that passed. On the second of October OBSE entered the studio for the recordings of their new album. The music consists of 11 brutal death metal songs!

2005: The year started with the band playing at the AERAS club on 6th February with the SICKENING HORROR & EVISCERATE. Now, the band will release a promo with 3 songs from the new album looking for a record deal. On June after the end of the studio recordings the lead member George Bokos left the band. On September OBSE along with the Belgians IN-QUEST supported the famus American band NILE at AN CLUB, with a session guitarist Simos from WOLFCRY. On October after 10 Years of service the rhythm guitarist Spyros Tr. Also left the band, but was quickly replaced by Chris from DESOLATION. The end of the year 2005 found OBSE with a new lead member Miltos and completed the final line-up of the band.

2006: The year started with the band will release a new promo with other 3 songs from the new album looking for a better record deal. ON 5th February OBSE playing at the AN CLUB as headliners along with other 3 bands (MORTUUS CAELUM, ASTRAL AEON & DUSK ETERNAL). On May the band made new T-shirts displaying their new OBSE symbol (only short sleeves). On June SMC released their fourth full-length cd "Seeds Of A Pervert God" which contains 11 brutal Death Metal tracks with 2 bonus tracks(from the "Vault Of The Obscure Vortex" ep..2004). OBSE start the re-recording of an old track "My Vision & My Dreams" from the second cd "Oceanum Oblivione". At the end of June Alex(Drums), Kyriakos(Bass) & Miltos(L.Guitar) left the band but was replaced right away from Lazaros from ENSHRINE(R.I.P.)/SOULESS/EMBALMED(Drums), Jim from MORTUUS CAELUM/DIABOLICAL PRINCIPLES/UNHOLY RITUAL(Bass) & Chris M. from GOD.FEAR.NONE.(L. Guitar). The band has just started rehearsals on new & old material to get together with. On 1 October our co-operation with Chris M. ended for personal reasons but was quickly replaced byAris. ON December OBSECRATION & USA band GODLESS RISING made a deal with record label NECROTERROR from CYPRUS to release a split 7ep in the beginning of the year.

2007: The year started with the live performance of the band at AN club on the 4th of February, supporting successfully the European Tour 2007 "MARCH OF THE HELLENIC PHALANX" of ZEMIAL & KAWIR. Rehearsing for several months and as the band became strong as a fist, Obsecration and the Italian band NATRON supported with great success the famous American band SUFFOCATION at AN club again at the 13th of May 2007.The band started rehearsing new and old material in order to combine it and present it to live performances. On October our co-operation with Lazaros ended for personal reasons.However,the former drummer Alex rejoined the band. ON December OBSECRATION & GODLESS RISING broke their deal with NECROTERROR REC. The reason is the company's inability to release the 7" split ep, and adjacent lies to the bands.

2008: The year started with the band entering the studio for the recordings of their new album. On March our co-operation with Aris ended for personal reasons.