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The project was born in 2007 as a four pieces death/progressive band and recorded the first EP called "Atman EP". After the release in 2008 the quartet started the live activity, playing gigs with band like The Ocean, Ahab, In Mourning, Black Sun Aeon and more.

In 2010 the band get the 4th place in "Wacken Metal Battle", an important unsigned band contest and then they started to create a more complex and different kind of music, becoming a six-pieces Post/Progressive beast, adding a third guitarist and a keyboard player.

In late 2011 the band recorded the debut album, a full length concept called "Samaroid Dioramas", engineered at Studio 73 by Riccardo Pasini (Ephel Duath, Extrema, The Secret).

Since its issue, in February 2012, the album had a lot of positive reviews and the live activity had been pushed to a higher level: the band plays using live-made lasers projections, atmospheric and strobe lights with a massive wall of sound and suggestive visuals, whom the listener feels embraced within.

About 50 shows in two years around Italy, Germany and Czech Republic supporting: Deafheaven, The Ocean, Napalm Death, Mouth Of The Architect, Ken Mode, Arabrot, Ahab, Mose Giganticus, Black Sun Aeon, The Secret, In Mourning, Destrage, Lento, Raein, American Me, and more until late 2013.