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Greymachine - Biography


While his work in Jesu in the 2000s brought Justin Broadrick a lot of respect and admiration from extreme music fans, it also drew him away from the more abrasive, aggressive guitar sound associated with his name due to his work in industrial metal forefathers Godflesh.

To prove to himself and his fans that he still got it, Broadrick started Greymachine, a project dedicated to returning to his roots in ultra-aggressive, extreme sound. Broadrick's frequent collaborators Dave Cochrane (God, Head of David) and Diarmuid Dalton (Jesu) joined the project and some time later Broadrick, looking to expand the sound of Greymachine, invited another co-conspirator, Isis' Aaron Turner. Turner accepted, and that immediately made Greymachine's debut record one of the most anticipated metal records of the year, since the prospect of collaboration between two figures as revered in the modern metal community as Broadrick and Turner had heretofore only been something to fantasize about, not to actually happen. Disconnected, Greymachine's debut record, arrived in mid-2009 and was issued through Turner's Hydra Head label.