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Sacred Reich - Biography




One of the frontrunners of the 80's Thrash boom SACRED REICH scored notable success particularly in Europe with their 'Surf Nicaragua' mini album. SACRED REICH was founded in 1985 by vocalist / bassist Phil Rind, guitarists Jeff Martinek and Jason Rainey and drummer Greg Hall. The group debuted in 1986 with a four track cassette demo entitled 'Draining You Of All Life'. By 1987 Martinek had lost his place to Wiley Arnett for the debut 'Ignorance' album.

The stop-gap 'Surf Nicaragua' mini-album (that included 'Draining You Of Life' from SACRED REICH's demo and a version of BLACK SABBATH's 'War Pigs') was issued and was strangely the release that set SACRED REICH onto the world market. Such was the response to this record that SACRED REICH would find themselves upon a previously unplanned rollercoaster world tour. North American dates kicked in during 1988 with ATROPHY then FORBIDDEN prior to European dates with MOTÖRHEAD before hooking up once more with FORBIDDEN through Europe in 1989.

The 'Independent' album on the new Hollywood label saw a SACRED REICH line up of Rind, guitarists Wiley Arnett and Jason Rainey and drummer Dave McClain, the latter a veteran of SAN ANTONIO SLAYER. The accompanying single release, 'A Question', saw the band covering FEAR's 'Let's Have A War'.

Although SACRED REICH remained relatively quiet during 1995 they did submit their version of BLACK SABBATH's 'Sweet Leaf' to the 'Hempilation' album. The band also cut a version of JUDAS PRIEST's 'Rapid Fire' that included a guest vocal from ROB HALFORD which to date remains unreleased.

Shortly after 1996's 'Heal' Hall rejoined the fold, McClain teaming up with MACHINE HEAD, but it was to be stand in man Chuck Fitzgerald who took the drum stool for the band's world tour. Greg Hall was back in the band by 1997.

Arnett, in alliance with former ST. MADNESS vocalist Patrick Flannery, would be located during 2001 assembling a fresh band project entitled THE HUMAN CONDITION. However, these plans were put back when on 2nd August Arnett rolled his car while driving to Phoenix. The guitarist suffered several cracked ribs, bruising of his spleen, bruises and abrasions.

Meantime Hall joined SOULFLY during October 2001. This act duly paid homage to SACRED REICH by covering 'One Nation' for their 2002 album, the track also featuring Wiley Arnett on guitar. In early 2003 Arnett came back to the fore with the THE HUMAN CONDITION, an alliance now also featuring Scott Twitty of BLUDGEON.

In 2007, the band reunited to play several shows in Europe, including Wacken Open Air.