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TNT - Biography



TNT was formed in Norway back in 1982, and the band released its eponymous debut album the following year. After some changes in the line up the classic "Knights Of The New Thunder" were released in the fall of 1984, by a band now consisting of extremely talented guitar player Ronni Le Tekrø, drummer Diesel Dahl, American singer Tony Harnell, and bass player Morty Black.

Throughout the eighties the band released the melodic hard rock gems "Tell No Tales" and "Intuition", while building a fan base in Europe, America, and especially in Japan where "Intuition" became a hit. In the early nineties the band broke up, but TNT returned with a couple of more alternative hard rock albums later in the decade, before disappearing again. At the turn of the millennium TNT slowly began to rise once more, and came back with full force when "My Religion" was released to rave reviews in 2004. The band then started to fall apart, and as bass players changed at a rapid pace, singer Harnell left the band in 2006 to be replaced by Tony Mills.

Diesel Dahl and Ronni Le Tekrö were by now the core of TNT, and in Victor Borge (ex Jack In The Box, Autopulver) they found a permanent bass player. When Tony Mills entered the scene TNT was finally a complete unit again, and released "The New Territory" in 2007.

TNT have been touring extensively in Norway ever since, and at the same time been working on new music. This resulted in "Atlantis" in 2008, before we now see the band return to a heavier sound on "A Farewell To Arms". The album was produced by Tekrö at his Studio Studio, and the songs are mainly written by Tekrö and Mills. It still hasn't been an easy road for the band: just as the new album were finished Mills suffered a heart attack at Oslo's main airport, but quick response from the airports paramedics saved the singer's life.

With the release of the new album, (called "Engine" in Scandinavia and "A Farewell To Arms" in Japan & Europe), their third album with the current lineup, TNT returns to their roots. The music is more hard edged than on the last few albums, and the truth is you'll have to go all the way back to 1984's "Knights Of The New Thunder" to find the band so heavy. TNT have changed a lot since the eighties..., and with British singer Tony Mills (ex Shy, Siam) on board since 2006 the band have now returned to the musical style the fans have been requesting.

With the combination of Ronni's powerful riffs and great melodies TNT will once again please their fans with a catchy piece like "Don't Misunderstand Me", the groovy "Engine", more heavy stuff like "A Farewell To Arms" and "Take It Like A Man - Woman!", or a ballad like "God Natt, Marie".