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Formed in 2004 as a raw, monotone and violent Black Metal project Mhorgl (pronounced: Mor-gul) has evolved, broadening its scope and incorporating a wider range of musical ideas and influences while retaining the raw aggression which will always be the basis of the band's vision.

Beginning as a solo, studio-based project by bass player James Campbell, Mhorgl slowly progressed with the addition of Sam Moretta on vocals and Robert Thorpe on lead guitar for the recording of the project's first demo, The Shadow Of Morgoth.
 It was released in May, 2006 and consisted of 5 tracks of raw Scandinavian influenced black metal in the vein of Darkthrone and Gorgoroth with some traditional metal elements added to the mix as Mhorgl looked to put their individual stamp on the genre.

Immediately after the release of their first demo, work was commenced on a second, however it became evident as the writing progressed that the new material would go well beyond the scope of a four or five song release as was originally planned.

June, 2007 saw the release of Mhorgl's first full-length recording. Although still essential a demo, The Sacrificial Flame featured 10 tracks and an hour long musical journey revolving around the concept of sacrifice, the album is an epic offering of traditional black metal infused with symphonic and doom elements.

After the release of The Sacrificial Flame, Mhorgl decided it was time to take their music into the live arena, enlisting the talents of Louis Rando on drums. Louis aka "Disaster" is well known in the Perth and Australian metal scene as the drummer/vocalist for Black/Death/War metal outfit, The Furor, whom he has toured with extensively Australia-wide. Louis is also a member of Singaporean black/death legends Impiety and a regular performer on international stages.

With Louis on board, Mhorgl has moved from strength to strength on the live front, quickly developing and moulding their sound from a studio-based project to a fully fledged live band. Stripping back their instrumentation and developing a more aggressive metal sound, Mhorgl is again progressing as they seek to produce a sound and style that is truly unique to the band. Mhorgl delivers the relentless battery and violence of Black Metal combined with unusual song structure and harmonies punctuated by the savage lead playing of guitarist Robert Thorpe.

Known for their frenetic live show, Mhorgl are regular performers on stages around Perth including supports slots for Satyricon, Marduk, Amon Amarth and Australian black/thrash legends Deströyer 666.

With two years of intensive live performances under their belt, Mhorgl honed their sound and songwriting, culminating in the recording of the band's second full-length album entitled Antinomian. The eight songs featured were the most aggressive and focused material of Mhorgl's career. Shaped by the stripped-back nature of their live show, Antinomian is a musical assault inspired by the dark energy and raw sounds of traditional Black Metal masters such as Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, Bathory and Venom but with a modern feel.

Antinomian was released independently in May, 2010 and has received a positive response from both Australia and worldwide culminatiing in Mhorgl signing to Italian extreme metal label The Execution Kollective for the worldwide release of the new album.

The band released their third full length album, Hereisarch, in September 2011 through Perth based label Sovereign Records. The album continued in the aggressive style of Antinomian, upping the ante in terms of speed and technicality but also in terms of diversity of songwriting and included a number of classical guitar interludes.

Mhorgl have recently recorded an EP entitled Haunter Of The Dark which will be released early to mid 2014.