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Octopus - Biography

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OCTOPUS is an instrumental progressive metal band, formed in 2002 by four musicians from PROJAZZ Professional Institute of Music (Santiago - Chile), Braulio Aspe (Bass), Cristobal Orozco (Drums), Fernando Daza (Guitar) and Jorge Benavides (Guitar). Octopus has experimented mainly on the basis of modern progressive metal and Jazz music, among other styles. As a result they produce an avant garde style of music with its own characteristic seal.

The band has released three albums, "Bonsai" (2006), "Coda" (2008) and "Into The Void Of Fear" (2012), these productions were published in Europe, with great reception by the public and the specialized press, allowing them to carry out two major tours in Europe and North America.

(Source: Official Website)