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Distaste - Biography




THE BEGINNING: Distaste was founded in fall 2000 by Stefan Lenz and Armin Schweiger, and started as a quite bad deathgrind ripoff. It usually was meant as a side- project. In 2001 Stefan and Armin recorded their first demo "political pathology", including 8 really sick deathgrind songs with a fucked up sound. Some additional members joined and left DISTASTE throughout the years, and gigs after gigs (in the beginning only in Austria) followed.

THE TURN OVER: After 3 years of fun and stupidity, they decided to turn DISTASTE into something serious. Their sound now was more influenced by hardcore-based grindcore. Many supportgigs (for bands like Gadget, Blockheads, Splitter, etc.) and club shows in Austria, Germany and in the east of Europe followed, having PHIL of The Menace helping out on bass. They recorded their first full length (Of Abyss-Hearts And Falsity) in 2007, containing 14 tracks of power, desperation and aggression. It's DIY- released since may 2009.

THE BIG CHANGE: After Phil quit due to private reasons somewhere in 2007, FURTY took over the role on bass. By this line-up, DISTASTE were polluting club by club, and of course festivals (Fekalparty '07, Crosstekk, ?) as much as possible. In the end of 2008 LENZ decided to quit playing drums, so LUKAS of Ultrawurscht (Aut/Ger) was recruited for session drumming. DISTASTE headed for a mini-tour over eastern Europe in March 2009, followed by a two week- tour over southern- and eastern- europe in April/May 2009. In this year they also grinded the Obscene Extreme '09, diverse smaller festivals (Fekalparty '09, A.F.O.D.,?) and several single club shows.

NOT SO FAR: In October 2009 they headed SoundspurRecords-Studio again, to record 7 songs for a Split-CD with the Austrian sicko-grinders Bastard Peels, which is going to be released on Refused Records (Aut) in Spring 2010. Also in October 2009 ex-session-bass player PHIL entered the ship again. This time as a fully integrated member.

NOW: Followed by LUKAS, who took a fix place now on the drums, DISTASTE is prepared for a shitload of gigs in 2010, including Helvetefest in Slovakia, and diverse supports for bands as Napalm Death, Leng Tch'e, and more? More to come?

At the moment DISTASTE is writing songs for a full-length 2011 and a Split CD with the Austrian Six Score.

Stay tuned,

in grind we trust