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Lorn - Biography


Used on "Subconscious Metamorphosis"

Used on "Towards the Abyss of Disease"

Used on "The Path To The Black Infinity"


Lorn was formed in 1999 by Radok and Fredrik.

In 2002, Tomb joined Lorn as vocalist.

They released the first demo split with the band Near: Into The Frozen Empire.

In 2003, Lorn released the second demo The Path To The Black Infinity.

In 2006, Lorn released Towards The Abyss Of Disease with Eerie Art Records.

In 2007, Lorn released the 4-way split From The Ancient Dolomitic Forest with Tenebrae In Perpetuum, Near and Chelmno.

In 2010, Kurt Oberhollenzer joined Lorn as drummer for the recordings of the upcoming album Subconscious Metamorphosis.