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Nordjevel was started in this unholy year of 2015 by Nord (Byrdi, Fatal Impact, Tvangeste) and Djevel (Doedsvangr, Svartelder), after conversations about views, music, black metal and all things occult about Norway. They found out they had so much in common, and they thought they should start playing together as their views on black metal, the origins of Norway and the occult were matching 100%. Later the idea of this band was aired to Fredrik (Marduk, Rage Nucléaire, The Ugly), who jumped onboard immediately. He will be a member on all future releases, as he also contributes to the writing of the music, but will only be able to appear live when he has time from Marduk. A session drummer for live appearences is already in place.

They are writing and pre-producing their first full length album, that will be a self-titled album, Nordjevel. Things have been very productive and moved along quickly.