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Eulen - Mother Tree lyrics


01. A Cold New Day

Music by Eulen

02. First Snow

Music by Eulen
Lyrics by Eulen/F. Nietzsche
Walking men
Autumn made falling their leaves
Pale shadows raging winds which made them sweep
Snow has frozen the great river of blood
The cries of pain and grief unheard

The echoes that dwell are a real illusion
A storm of mold to kill the gods
Entombed the heavens into the soil
The moonlit shell i adore
The worries by now are far from mine
Mourn the world when hands are tied
Man's birth God's suicide

Man has created woman out of what?
Out of a rib of his god, his ideal

03. Desolate House

Music & lyrics by Eulen
Pushed outside by the tides of stinking memories
Closing doors of no return
Screams of extortion and grief from justice's agora
The heart of purity slayed at every sunrise
Children of emptiness feeds on trash
The blind greed devours itself
Naked mothers swallows bitter bread
Death's ghost roaming around
Migrant birds tearing old men's flesh
And i am lost in this desert of free

Now on this old edge
Breathing, mourning
Whispering voices from behind
Joyful eyes through his windows
This gate, i rejoice with horror
Tempting smiles and warm hands
Yet so cold and dark
I am mesmerized again
Stepping inside
With fear and pride
Becoming the phantom memory
A secret of happiness
I found love in this desolate house

04. This Old Hearth

Music & lyrics by Eulen
Humid wood in a forgotten hearth
You never let the truth finds you
Overlaid eyes fail to look aside
Your thoughts falls shorter than your steps
Your sick pale mind misunderstands you
Do you know the reason
Of songless birds

Unlock the open door
Let the moon explain the whore
The elixir of the beautiful
The reflection of fetor

05. Graveroom

Music & lyrics by Eulen
Saw and wood
To measure the body
With a smile
As if a wedding suit
Fill my void
Your sorrow
Embrace the fall
Rot thee with my flesh
Worms, Horror
Bones, Loss
Dark, Lone

Thousand times i stayed alive
Killed my heart, slayed my god
Blood was spilled to erase the right
Then all else is still a lie

06. Dunes

Music & lyrics by Eulen
Scarlet light warms my face
Vast seas waved by winds
Shades made by cactus
Reptiles creeping for their lives
I wished you were here
Living our lives in sadness

07. Clouds

Music by Eulen
Lyrics by Eulen/F. Nietzsche
Sloth and pride
Walls of flames
Is thy names
Shame is thy shelter
Dark clouds bleeding
Broken briers
Shall tear thy peace
Run to the light
The sun is blinding
Hall of flames
Mothwings and fire
Even the most courageous among us only rarely has the courage to face what he already knows, all truth is simple, is that not a double lie?
In our own wild nature we find the best recreation from our un-nature, from our spirituality
Help yourself, then everyone will help you
We hate lies and hypocrisy because our sense of honor is easily provoked but the same hatred can arise from cowardice, since lies are forbidden by divine commandments in that case, we are too cowardly to lie

Grey faces, forgotten shades
Yellow leaves mixed with blood
The demon's laugh nightmare
Had you paralyzed
Hyenas feeds on the king's trash
Little mice survives on smithereens
The zombie inside impels you
Dust on your minds
Thou art mischosen
Ghost of all the lies
My forthcoming curse
The beast is blind
If these cold words stings you
Clear skies are unformed by clouds

08. Mother Tree

Music & lyrics by Eulen
Flying from here
With eyes of grief
Wings of hate
His tears drowning the earth
A mountain stands still
Finally free
Mother tree