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Eulen - Biography




Formed in early 2009 under the name Poltergeist by Fadi and Seth then changed to Owl and finally to Eulen. Consist of two members Fadi and Seth. The band mainly played a mixture of Post, Doom and Black metal with some acoustic and symphonic influences until the release of "Morning Blood Requiem", then the band took the Post-influences more seriously, and compositions started flowing in that genre.

The band released a Split in March 7th 2011 with the Ambient Black Metal band Despair (SYR) was the first release by the band with the track "Ancient Soul Misery". Debut album Mother Tree was released in October 5th 2011, which had the attention of Spanish label Xaphan Records who re-released the album.

Later joined the US label Domestic Genocide soon after who also re-released the debut album "Mother Tree" and the following EP Diminished Mass Realm in 2012 which had acoustic, refined and re-mastered versions for some previous tracks that appeared on the split and the album, and was followed by a single Morning Blood Requiem which was released as a promo for the second full-length album which will be entitled "Names To The Sun". The band received great feedback so far from middle-eastern and international countries since the release of "Mother Tree".