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Marduk - Trivia

In 2018, Marduk was on a tour of Latin America and encountered a strongly religious environment in politics, which created a series of protests against them from the parliaments. Finally, only two shows were canceled: Colombia and Guatemala.
The song "The Blond Beast" from the album Frontschwein refers to deceased Nazi officer Reinhard Heydrich. It was one of his many nicknames along with "The Hangman of Prague".
Several Marduk songs bear references to cult horror movies.

The intro of "With Satan And Victorious Weapons" is taken from Der Name der Rose (The Name of the Rose), while the intro of "Hearse" is from the movie Phantasm, and the intro of "Blessed Unholy" (all 3 from the World Funeral album) is a sample from The Exorcist III. Furthermore, the intro for the song "Slay The Nazarene", from the Nightwing album, is taken from the 1973 movie The Wicker Man, while the main riffs of the title song "Nightwing" are adapted from the score of the 1991 vampire film, Subspecies.
The album title Rom 5:12 refers to a verse in the Bible, Romans Chapter 5, Verse 12: "Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all men, because all sinned."
In Babylonian mythology Marduk is the god who defeated the great goddess Tiamat and created humankind.