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Symphony X - Trivia

In the song Domination from the Paradise Lost album, a noticeable bump, similar to a microphone tap, can be heard as soon as the main solo starts. The band has acknowledged the recording error but never explained what exactly caused it and why they didn't try to re-record the solo.
At the end of 1997 and for part of the next year, Jason Rullo, their drummer, had to stay away from the band in order to solve personal issues. He was temporarily replaced by Thomas Walling who recorded the drums parts for Twilight in Olympus. After that record they started to tour for the first time and Jason Rullo was able to return to the lineup.
On the Twilight in Olympus album Michael Pinnella is credited as doing all "knife and chainsaw juggling" for the album. This was an inside joke of the band from when he showed up at the studio with his arm covered in bandages - he had almost cut off his 4th an 5th fingers while doing some home repairs.